Buying at Auction


91pr备用网址chineseThe mention of an art auction can conjure images of fast-talking auctioneers, adrenaline-fuelled bidding and eleventh-hour drama. And while we think that’s the fun part, it can also feel intimidating to a first-time collector. In reality, bidding has never been easier or more accessible, whether you want to attend a live auction at one of Christie’s auction houses around the world, or simply do it from home online.

91pr备用网址chineseHere at Christie’s, we offer fine art and objects at all price points, particularly in online sales, where you might pick up an original work for a few thousand dollars.

91pr备用网址chineseWatch our video above for a quick tutorial on how to buy at Christie’s or explore our step-by-step guide below on bidding and buying in our online-only auctions.


Place bids from anywhere in the world

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